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Luxta productions is a Los Angeles based company established in 2015. The motivation of Luxta is to pursue the story telling devices through personal experiences or with the abstraction of reality. It capitalizes on the ability to create this through its core team and ability to grow with the creation of new projects. 


While a majority of the work derives itself in fiction, they focus on character, scene, and scenarios to create new and compelling stories. As each new film is produced and created the team itself evolves with each new creation. The most exciting part is knowing that they are adaptable to ever new project that comes their way. 

An underlying foundation to Luxta is their team. Having the ability to quickly pull together various talent, they accomplish and learn new methods to their story telling.

An underlying foundation to Luxta is their team. Having the ability to quickly pull together various talent, they accomplish and learn new methods to their story telling. Luxta is able to explore a broad range of themed projects including relationships of love, humor, or horror. Only put together with a group of talented young individuals that have a passion for the things they produce. Film needs and also requires that child like sensibility of production. 


Luxta is an advocate for a myriad of industries and disciplines to intermingle. They look to the word “play” as it is meant, which promotes the joy for the work they produce. For Luxta it is the journey that each project takes, which excites and intrigues each member. With the use of interdisciplinary professionals they are capable of creating some of the most entertaining concepts. 

Who we are

Meet The Team

Extraordinary people found hidden through the mean streets of Los Angeles. Working through new stories and story telling devices to create a robust interdisciplinary creative process. 

Carlos Camacho


Carlos Camacho is a Los Angeles native born and raised in the San Fernando Valley. his love for film began at the early age of three, with his earliest memories consisting of Disney films and R-Rated action films from the 80's and early 90's. Inspiration doesn't end there as he has become quite the horror and sci-fi aficionado, and has garnered an eclectic taste in music with a primary focus on heavy metal. he studied film at Kennedy High School, Inner-City Filmmakers, and has a Bachelor's Degree in Screenwriting from Cal State University Northridge (CSUN). He started a career as a Camera operator in reality TV with over 50 credits to his name in not just the camera department, but Production, Lighting, and Tech. Carlos aims to take his knowledge gathered from his work in reality and apply them to the films he intends to direct. Film inspired by the classics that propelled him to a career in movies.

Talis Aladei


Born and raised in the San Fernando Valley, Talis Aladei has always had an interest for the arts. Inspired by her early favorites including Michel Gondry, Spike Jonze, and PTA, she earned her B.A. in film from CSUN. Following that, she earned her M.A. in creative writing from the same university and focused her work on creative non-fiction. Her art was featured in The Rumpus while her written work has been published in the Northridge Review and The Rattling Wall and PEN Center USA’s “Only Light Can Do That.” She hopes to expand her skills in filmmaking to include directing and producing with the help of her Luxta pals.




A life long lover of film, Adam's passion for the art deepened with his late nights in the projection booth. As a projectionist at age 16 he was able to learn how to respect a filmmaker's hard work by ensuring the proper presentation. With Hollywood on his mind, and being set on getting there he made the jump from a small town in Hawaii to be in tinsletown. He attended California State University Northridge in pursuit of a film degree. There he quickly recognized a dormant passion for business and switched his major to accounting. His future now lies in producing films and production accounting. 




Connor Giosso is a California native, from the Northern territory, whose passion for film began at a young age with classics like RAD, MAC & Me and Spaceballs. At the age of twelve he bought his first 8mm camera and began filming his friends skateboarding around town. While editing skate footage he found that most of it was just his friend’s goofing around and playing little bits, so he decided to start writing sketches for their characters. Every sketch he wrote and edited felt as though he was creating a whole new world for him and his friends. To this day he continues to create worlds for everyone to enjoy with his writing and editing.


Anthony Zindroski


Anthony Zindroski is a 2018 M.Sc. graduate of the ITECH program at the University of Stuttgart, Germany. A native of Los Angeles, California, and graduate of the Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc), Anthony made the move to Germany to study and fully pursue his interest in additive manufacturing and fabrication technologies. While his early studies focused on architecture and design, his interest in robotics, automation, and construction, naturally led him to the additive manufacturing field and currently channeling that creativity to the filmmaking process.

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